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This low powered 100% tube amplifier was designed to provide the sound quality and tonal response of a hard working vintage amp, but at real world -studio, small club, home- volume levels. Class A single ended power stage provides detailed clean sounds and raw, articulate natural output tube distortion, all under finger tip control. Lower volume settings or a light touch produce a lush ringing clean sound, with your tone getting gradually more aggressive as you crank it up and dig in. Don't let the power rating fool you, this amp will push pure raunch through a 4x12 if you so desire! Self adjusting cathode bias allows you to change the tube set up at will to get a HUGE variety of different responses. Most of the major guitar amp tubes can be used, and, since you only need one tube of each type, you can afford to experiment. The old collectable tubes are getting incredibly expensive! Tube matching is also no longer an issue.



    • Power Output: 6-12 watts (depending on output tube)
    • Tubes: 5V4, KT66, 12AX7
    • -Speaker: 10" Weber Blue Pup Alnico
    • -Controls: Volume, Tone, Voicing Switch
    • -Solid Mahogany cabinet
    • -Head Dimensions: 13" x 6" x 4.5"
    • -Head Weight: 7 lbs
    • -Cab Dimensions: 17.5" x 16" x 10"
    • -Cab Weight: 16 lbs
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