This was made by a local here in Abilene, TX

I personally played it, it lets you dial in some great flavors!

The maker classified this as a "Transparent Overdrive"

Transparent overdrives are their own unique category of pedals. Very touch-responsive, focusing on less-colored, high-headroom overdrive, they allow the sound of your guitar and amp to be at the forefront. Not as gain-y as a distortion but with more drive than a clean boost, these pedals can help you dial in edge-of-breakup sounds or push your distorted amp into higher-gain territory. If you love the sound of your guitar and amp and simply want to add drive, this is a great tool for that. 

!! Power supply cable NOT INCLUDED !!

Snag it while you can and support small business at the same time! We will absolutely appreciate it.

Stay radical my friends, 
Encore Music

JTM Patriot Overdrive Pedal